The Writer for the Bible Book of Mark was written by Mark, in Rome and completed in c. 60-65 C.E. But the total time covered time is from 29-33 C.E. When Jesus was arrested at Gethsemane and the apostles fled, he was followed by “a certain young man wearing a fine linen garment over his naked body.” When the crowd tried to seize him too,” he left his garment behind and got away naked.” This young man is generally believed to be Mark .

He is described in Acts as “John who surname Mark” and may have come from a comfortably situated family in Jerusalem, for they had their own a house and servants. his mother,Mary was also a Christian,and the early congregation used her home as a meeting place. On the account when the angel delivered Peter from prison, Peter went to this house and found the brothers assembled there.-Mark 14:51,52 Acts 12;12,13.

The missionary Barnabas, a levite from Cyprus, was the cousin of Mark. (Acts 4:36; Col. 4:10). When Barnabas came with Paul to Jerusalem in connection with famine relief.Mark also go to know Paul. That enables Mark to also enter the missionary work with Paul and Barnabas. For so,some reason, however mark left them in Perga, Pamphysia, and returned to Jerusalem. (Acts 11:29,30; 12:25; 13:5, 13) Because of this, Paul refused to take Mark along on the second missionary tour, and this resulted in a break between Paul and Barnabas. Paul took Silas, While Barnabas took his Mark and Sailed with him to Cyprus.

Mark proved himself in the ministry and became help not to Barnabas but later to the Apostle Peter and Paul. Mark was with Paul in Roman in his first imprisonment (c. 60-61 C.E) Then we found Mark with Peter in Babylon between the years 62 and 64 C.E. ( 1 Peter. 5: 13) Paul was again a prisoner in Rome probably in the year 65 C.E, and in a letter he asks Timothy to bring Mark with him saying, ‘for he is useful to me ministering.” Mark was not part of the 12 Apostles, and he was not an immediate companion of Jesus. Where did he get the details that make his account of Jesus’s ministry live from beginning to end?

According to the earliest tradition of Papias, Origen, and Tertullian, this source was Peter, with whom Mark was closely associated. (1 Pet. 5:13) Peter was an eyewitness of practical all that Mark recorded, so he could have learned from many descriptive point that are lacking in the order Gospels.

For example Mark speaks about the “Hired men” that worked for Zebedee, leper entreating Jesus “on bended knee”. the demonized man “slashing himself with stones,” and Jesus’ giving his prophecy about the ” coming of the son of man with great power and glory while he was sitting on the Mount of Olives” with the temple view.