The Bible book of Solomon was written by Solomon, in Jerusalem and was completed in c. 1020 B.C.E. The whole world was not worthy of the day in which this sub-line SONG was given to Israel. ” Thus the Jewish” Rabbi ” Akiba, who lived in the first century of the common Era, expressed his appreciation for the Song of Solomon.The book’s title is a contraction of the opening words, The superlative song,which is Solomon’s”.

According to the Hebrew word for word text, it is the ” song of the song,” denoting superlative excellence, similar to the expression ” heaven of the heaven’s” for the highest heavens. ( Deut. 10:14) It is not a collection of songs but one song, ” a song of the utmost perfection, one of the best that existed, or had ever been penned.”

The King Solomon’s was highly qualified to write this supremely beautiful example of Hebrew poetry. ( 1 Ki. 4:32) It is an idyllic poem loaded with meaning and most colorful in its description of beauty. The reader who appreciate the Oriental setting would appreciate more. ( Song of Sol. 4:11,13; 5:11; 7:4) The occasion for its writing was a unique one.

The great King Solomon, glorious in wisdom,mighty in power,and dazzling in the luster of his material wealth, which evoked the admiration even of the queen of Sheba, could not impress a simple country girl with whom he fell in love.

Because of the constancy of her for her shepherd by, the king lost out. The Song of Solomon’s frustrated Love. Jehovah God inspired him to compose this song for the benefit of Bible readers of the ages follow. He wrote it in Jerusalem. This was about 1020 B.C.E, Some years after the Temple has been completed. By the time he wrote the song of Solomon, he had ” sixty queens and eighty concubines,” compared with ” 700 hundreds wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines’ at the end of his reign. ( Song of Sol. 6:8 ; 1Ki. 11:3).

Some, however, have questioned the book’s canonical on the ground that there is no reference to God it. The absence of any mention of God would not disqualify the books anymore than the mere presence of ” God” would make it canonical. The divine does appear in the abbreviated form at Chapter 8, verse 6, where love is said to be “the flame of Jah.”

The book unquestionably forms a part of those writing to which Jesus Christ referred which approval when he said: You are searching the scriptures, because you think that by means of them you will have everlasting life.” (John 5:39). Yes it really forms part of the unique Bible canon. ( Rev. 19:7,8; 21:9)