The Bible book of Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon, in Jerusalem and was finally completed before 1000 B.C.E. The Bible book of Ecclesiastes was written for a lofty purpose. Solomon, as leader of a people dedicated to Jehovah, had the responsibility by means of the wise counsel of Ecclesiastes. In Ecclesiastes 1:1 he refers to himself as ” the congregator .” The word in the Hebrew Language is called Qo.he’leth, and in the Hebrew Bible, the book is also called with same name.

The Greek Septuagint gives the title as’, meaning ” a member of an ecclesia ( congregation; assembly)” from which is derived the English the English name Ecclesiastes. However, ” and this is also a more fitting designation for Solomon. It convey Solomon’s purpose in writing the book.
In what sense was King Solomon a congregator, and to what did he do congregating? He was a congregator of his people, the Israelite’s, and of their companions, the temporary residents.

He congregated all these to the worship of his God, Jehovah. Previously he had built Jehovah temple in Jerusalem , and at its dedication he had called together, or congregated all of them to the worship God. ( 1 Ki. 8:1) Now, by means of Ecclesiastes, he sought to congregate his people to congregate his people to worthwhile works and way from the vain, fruitless works of this world. ( Ecclesiastes 12:8-10).

Though Solomon name is not mentioned, several passages are quite conclusive in establishing him as the writer. The congregator introduces himself as ” the son of David” happened to be King over Israel in Jerusalem.” This could only to Solomon, for his successors in Jerusalem were Kings over Judah only.

Moreover, as the congregtor writes: ” I myself have greatly increased in wisdom more than anyone that happened to be before me in Jerusalem, and my own heart saw a great a deal of wisdom and knowledge.” (1:1,12,16) This fits Solomon. He speaks 3,000 proverbs when he was serving as a king, this show how he is gifted with knowledge and wisdom.