The Bible book of Ruth was written by the Prophet Samuel, in the land of Israel. and completed the year 1090 B.C.E. The total time covered was 11 years of judges’ rule. The book of Ruth is a delightful drama that blossoms into the beautiful love story of Boaz and Ruth. However , it is no mere love idyll. its purpose is not to entertain. The book highlights Jehovah’s purpose to produce a kingdom heir, and it exalts His- loving – kindness. (Ruth 1:8; 2:20; 3:10)

The expansive quality of Jehovah’s love is seen in his selecting a Moabitess,a former worshiper of the pagan god Chemosh, who converted to the true religion , to become an ancestress of Jesus Christ. Ruth is one of the four women mentioned by name in the genealogy from Abraham to Jesus. (Matt. 1:3,3,16).

Now came about in the days when the judges administered justice ….”With these opening words, the book of Ruth launches into its thrilling narrative. The book of Ruth was written later,in the time of the kings of Israel. However, the events related covered a period of about 11 years in the time of the Judges. Even though the name of the writer was not stated, Samuel who was the outstanding figure during the period of the Judges appears to have written this book.

Since the closing verses indicates that David was already becoming prominent , this would place the writing at about 1090 B.C.E. Samuel who was acquainted with Jehovah;s promise of the “lion” from the tribe of Judah, and who had been used by Jehovah in anointing David of that tribe to be king in Israel, would be genealogy down to David (Gen. 49:9, 10 ; 1 Sam. 16:1, 13 ; Ruth 1:1; 4:13, 18-22)

The canonical authority of Ruth has ever not been challenged. Jehovah had provide enough of confirmation about the genealogical record of Ruth.