This first Bible book of Corinthians was by the Apostle Paul, in Ephesus, and was completed in the year c. 55 C.E. Corinth was ” a renowned and voluptuous city, where the vices of East and West met”.

Situated on the narrow isthumus between the Pelopnnesus and continental Greece, Corinth commanded the land route to the mainland. In the days of the Apostle Paul, its population of about 400,000 was exceeded only by Rome,Alexandria, and Syrian Antioch. The east of Corinth lay the Aegean Sea, and to the west, the Gulf of Corinth and Ionian Sea.

So Corinth, the Capital of the Province of Achaia, with its port of Cenchreae and Lechaeum, held a position a strategic importance commercially. It was also a center of Greek learning “its wealth,” it has been said : was so celebrated as to be proverbial; so were the vice and profligacy of its inhabitants.” Among its pagan religious practices was the worship of Aphrodite’s (counter of the Roman Venus). Sensuality was a product of Corinthians worship.

It was to this thriving but morally decadent metropolis of the Roman world that the apostle Paul traveled in about 50 .C.E . During his stay of 18 months, a Christian congregation was established in Corinth. (Acts 18:1-11) What love and joy Paul felt toward these believers to whom he had first carried the good news about Christ!

By letter he reminded them of the spiritual bond that existed, saying : “Though you may have ten thousand tutors in Christ, you certainly do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have become your fathers through the good news, and so Paul have Deep concern for the spiritual welfare of the Christians in Corinth.