The Bible book of Galatians was written by Paul , in Corinth or Syrian and was completed in c. 50 – 52 C.E.

The congregations of Galatia addressed by Paul at Galatians 1:2 apparently included Pisidian Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe- places in different districts but all with in this Roman province. Acts chapters 13 and 14 tells about the first missionary journey of Paul with Barnabas through this area, which led to the organizing of the Galatians congregations, These were made up of a mixture of Jews and non- Jews, and non- Jews, no doubt including Celts, or Gauls. This was shortly after Pauls visit to Jerusalem about 46 C.E. – Acts 12:25.

In the year 49 C.E., Paul and Silas started out on Paul’s second missionary tour into the Galatians territory, which resulted in ‘ the congregations made firm in the faith and increasing in number day by day.’ (Acts 16:5; 15:40,41; 16:1;2).

However, hot on their heels came false teachers, Judaizers, who persuaded some in the Galatians congregation to believe that circumcision and observance of the Law of Moses were essential parts of true Christianity. In the meantime Paul had journeyed on past Mysia into Macedonia and Greece, eventually arriving in Corinth, where he spent more than 18 moths with the brothers. Then, in 52 C.E., he departed by way of Ephesus for Syrian Antioch, his home base, arriving there in the same year. (Acts 16:8, 11,12: 17:15; 1118:1,11,18-22). Paul write this letter as soon word got him about the Judaizers.

The letter describes Paul as ” an apostle, neither from men nor though a man, but through Jesus Christ and God the father.” it also discloses many facts about Paul’s life and apostleship, proving that as an apostles in Jerusalem and that he even exercised his authority in correcting another apostle, Peter.- Gal. 1:1, 13-24; 2:1-14). The emphasizes appreciation for the freedom that true Christians have through JESUS CHRIST.