The Second Bible book of Corinthians was also written by the Apostle Paul, in Macedonia and was completed in c. 55 C.E. It was now probably late summer or early fall of 55 C.E.

There were still some matters in the Christians congregation of Corinth that were causing concern to the apostle Paul. Not many months had passed since the writing of his first letter to the Corinthians. Since then Titus had been dispatched to Corinth to assist the collection being undertaken there for the holy ones in Judea and possibly also to observe the reaction of the Corinthians to the first letter. ( 2 Cor. 8:1-6; 2:13)

How had they taken it? What a comfort it brought to Paul to know that it had moved them to sorrow and repentance! Titus had returned to Paul in Macedonia with this good report and now the apostle’s heart was filled to overflowing with love for his beloved Corinthians fellow believers. – 7:5-7 ; 6: 11. But again Paul write a letter to the Christians in Corinth through Titus to them.

This letter concerns the presence among the Corinthian of “Superfine apostles,” whom he also described as “False apostles, deceitful workers.”( 11:5,13,14) The spiritual welfare of the comparatively young congregation as in jeopardy, and Paul’s authority as an apostle was under attack. His second letter to Corinth thus filled a great need.