One of the most important steps towards discovering who you are is to discover your gifts. You should discover what you came to the universe with. When you discover your gifts, forming a definite chief aim in life becomes easy.

Have you discovered your gifts? What are those things you know how to do well with ease? How serious do you take them? Or you take them for granted because they came with ease to you?

It is sad that most people take their gifts for granted. The fact you could do certain things with ease does not mean every other person can do those things easily. Stop taking your gifts for granted because you got them without a price. Develop your gift and let it serve the world and as well serve you.

Many people have gifts that have never served them nor served others. After discovering your gifts, the next step is to regularly work on your gifts to become better each day. Your gifts can make you great only if you develop them. How have you worked towards developing gifts?