In every seed there is a tree…in every bird a flock…in every fish a school…in every sheep a flock… in every cow a herd…in every boy a man…in every girl a woman…in every nation a generation.

Tragedy strikes when a tree dies in a seed, a man in a boy, a woman in a girl, an idea in a mind. For untold millions, visions die unseen, songs die unsung, plans die unexecuted and futures die buried in the past. The problems of our world go unanswered because potential remains buried.

The Bible tells a story about talents and potential. The talents in the story are symbols of the vast store of abilities our Creator has planted within us. In the story, the master of the estate entrusts some of his wealth to three of his servants. The first man invests his talent and doubles the wealth the master had entrusted to his care. The second servant also doubles what the master had given him. With them the master is very pleased. Finally the master turns to the third servant and asks, “What have you done with your talent?”

The servant answered, “I was afraid to misuse the talent, so I carefully hid it. Here it is. I am giving it back to you in the same condition that I received it.”In fury the master rebuked his servant, “You wicked and lazy servant. How dare you not use the gifts I gave to you?”

The master then said, “Take my money from him and throw this useless fellow into the street.”We are responsible for the potential stored within us. We must learn to understand it and effectively use it. Too often our successes preventus from seeking that which yet lies within us. Success becomes our enemy as we settle for what we have. Refuse to be satisfied with your last accomplishment, because potential never has a retirement plan.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. In essence, what you see is not all there is.