Whenever I stumble upon this Jeff Bezos old photograph, it makes me wonder about life, value, hardship, the unseen story, and the vision that blossoms the excellence. And, I believe excellence is a journey, not a final destination. Jeff Bezos founding Amazon was a visionary destination back in 1994, still, now it’s thriving to achieve its goal with excellence. Now, the vision intact with excellence is a proposed value that understands people and conditions. During the business patterns, the ways, the system, and every year research and design is the adaptation of the condition during the journey.

Can anyone during a start phase of something achieve excellence? For me, its a NO. In my perspective, excellence is defined under some time constraints. This applies to most of the evolving business world, the best hospitality, the best gadget, or anything considered best in one phase of time, may not come to value in the next time interval. So, excellence is a journey that needs to create system for proposed value and vision.

Now, if you interlink that with your personal life, there are a series of goals, conducts, chores, that you get satisfied and mark as the best. The best startup idea you made today, the fastest run you made any day, the best cuisine you made, and the question is how long is it the best?

Let’s drive for vision every day, before it’s too late. The goal is a long way to go, let’s celebrate each day with whatever we have on our plate.