Should I be tested for coronavirus if I have high grade fever, cough and difficulty in breathing? Or can I get a coronavirus test done just for the sake of satisfaction?

Testing for coronavirus will only be done as suggested by the doctors only if someone falls under the definition of “suspected case”. No.

Why can only designated labs test coronavirus? Why can’t I get a home sample collection done for coronavirus testing?

It is because the virus is highly contagious and can only be tested by Special labs equipped to handle such contagious pathogens. As of now, only labs with biosafety level 4 (BSL4) can handle the COVID-19 samples.

Can a person infected with coronavirus recover completely and be no more infectious?

In fact, about 80% of people have recovered from the disease without needing special treatment. Yes!

Can coronavirus be treated?

Symptom-based medical care is given and has proven effective. There is no specific treatment or vaccine available for novel coronavirus yet. Yes!

Can eating garlic prevent infection with the coronavirus?

There is no science-based evidence that proves its ability to protect against the coronavirus.

Will warm weather stop the outbreak of COVID-19?

As per the experts in the field, heat and warm weather is likely to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

How long does the coronavirus survive over the surfaces or objects?

Survives up to 8-10 hours over porous surfaces (like paper, untreated wood, cardboard, sponge and fabric) and a little more than this over nonporous Surfaces (like glass, plastics, and metals, varnished wood).