If you googled the word “live” you are likely to get its meaning as ‘living’, or ‘not dead’. Or, you might also get the meaning referring to ‘streaming’, but that’s not what I mean here. I am a great fan of music and listening to songs is as relaxing as it can be, whatever my mood be. One day, I came across a music video by Naughty Boy, Mike Posner – Live Before I die. The music video focuses on self-happiness and seeking for the goal achievement. Here, the singer’s goal was to walk across the whole of America on foot. It has a beautiful showcase of the hurdle, and how he made his journey.

Songs and music have a strong power to connect people and their feelings. This song did exactly to me. We are right now in the worst living condition that can possibly be. The fear of death swirling inside our mind, and we might be questioning our past or planning our future being constricted to four walls. While being bounded with obligation, I kept thinking of things I could have done, people I should have reached, changes that I could have made, and action that I could have taken. Not for others, but for me., for my own personal happiness. But, I never did, I lost myself in obligation, my own thought, and a lot of excuses. This song took me to that journey. May be listening to this felt motivated, but it’s all about the mindset that I need to work with the current flow of motivation.

As a human being, living has a wider aspect and definition, and basically human seeks for continuous growth and change while living. In this phase, we fail to live for inner happiness, and truly be in what we believe.
This realization made me prioritize certain actions. Life is a journey, and living is a choice. I will work on these factors as I get to involve in day to day works:

Follow heart and inner dreams
There’s a lot of dream that I want to go for where I think of myself, family, society, and for a better future. However, There’s an inner dream which we live for, and doing that makes us happy, joy, and helps us be around the people we love. I have such a dream and look to follow it all the passion, and love.

Be a problem-solver
Every phase of time, I have quite looked to reach the peak while starting to solve a problem. I have started realizing that as my mistake. Now, I really look into a certain problem, break down into fractions, and try creating waves through ripples. This is the way I will really look into the future days.

Be good, do good, and don’t think of other opinions
This is something that I have always let it drown me. And, the consequences it provides is frustration, self-anger, and idealism. And, this makes one doesn’t even work on own’s belief. I just tend to change this and look into taking action.

Finding inner-happiness
While working on all these above things, I might lose faith in perseverance. However, as I am looking into my dreams, finding certain ways of inner happiness is a personal choice. I love traveling, and I do it a lot, but now I really look into finding my inner me. I also look to be with people I love and provide myself an inner motivation to work for dreams.

I know there’s a lot to come while going through these patterns. But, I would welcome them in my life as an opportunity and as a learning curve.