Constant and firm prayer is like the right key to open the door!

The bible is the most important book in history and human life and it contains countless promises that come true in all those who believe.
One of the promises that brings infinities of blessings and resolution to many of the problems of humanity is in prayer, we are witnesses of what God is capable of doing in us when we cry from our hearts to and do not faint but that day by day we persevere Because we know that prayer is not in vain because God hears us, we must simply persevere and devote ourselves to prayer.

Colossians 4: 2
Devote yourself to prayer: persevere in it with thanks.
| NIV |

Praying is not in vain, our attitude must be based on persevering in it with gratitude, because God really has all the answers to our questions, weaknesses and problems.
God despises us no prayer when he is sincere and genuine because He is close to all those who call upon them.

Psalm 145: 18
The Lord is close to those who invoke him,
of those who really invoke it.
| NIV |

When we pray to God with understanding, with conviction believing God works wonders and opens all the doors necessary to pour out his glory in us through his promises. God is looking for people who believe him to approach Him with the conviction that he has the answers to all his problems.
If you are going through problems, tribulations or anguish today, do not despair. Come to Jesus in prayer. Do not look elsewhere for what you can find in God, who is the only one who has the solution and peace to our difficulties.
To the one who believes everything is possible and God is the God of the impossible there is nothing that God cannot solve.
Call on the Lord and He will answer you, do not get tired of crying out, for there is no anguish that God cannot heal King David in the midst of his affliction advised the following:

Psalm 18: 6
In my anguish I called upon the Lord;
I cried to my God,
and he heard me from his temple;
My cry came to his ears!
| NIV |

Prayer is a source of power for the man Jesus Himself demonstrated the night before his crucifixion, because really on that occasion Jesus crossed the path of prayer, now open to each of us thanks to the cross and when Jesus prays in The most crucial moment of his life shows that prayer is the center of the Christian life and that everyone who calls himself a Christian must have prayer as a priority action in his life.
Let us rest in God bringing all our burdens to the Lord and He will answer us because He has promised, instead of worrying rather we approach God with rogative prayers.

Philippians 4: 6-7
Do not worry about anything; rather, on every occasion, with prayer and supplication, present your requests to God and thank him. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will take care of their hearts and their thoughts in Christ Jesus.
| NIV |

God has all the answers to our questions and has all the solutions to our concerns and anxieties, when we pray with faith all aspects of our lives flow without heavy burdens because the peace of God that passes all understanding will be with us.

We must make prayer a lifestyle but not mechanical but with understanding and conviction that God hears us for good.
Prayer helps us to discern the secrets of life that are not rebellious to all but to those who seek in spirit and truth, because when someone feeds on prayer they will result in great blessings and their life will be fruitful and abundant.