The Bible tells us that God has always been aware of his people and continually sent his anointed to lead him in the Battles they had to tear down and although the people were slaves when they were in Egypt God had fed and cared for them because God took them out from Egypt to free them but in the desert when I lack water and food they forgot the goodness of God and began to complain.

Moses was in this case the leader that God chose to lead his people but Israel as we know was a rebellious and ungrateful people God gave them and took care of them, but they complained.

In this sense, chapter 17 of exodus tells us that by this time the entire congregation of the children of Israel left the desert for their days but there was no water for them to drink, and then they began to alter with Moses and God had really provided all in the desert only this time as a test He submits them to this shortage to look at their will.

That said what catches my attention in this chapter is what is expressed in verse 12 where we read.

Exodus 17:12
12 And Moses’ hands were tired; so they took a stone, and put it under it, and sat on it; and Aaron and Hur held their hands, one on one side and the other on the other; so there was firmness in his hands until the sun set.

Moses was the chosen one of God for this mission and He, like every minister of God, had to fight and fight the good battle by praying, praising, watching and it was really hard to face the enemies because physically he needed to be helped for this reason this verse tells us that Moses hands were tired but there were two men with rebellious visions of God’s grace who wisely helped him in this mission.

Moses commanded his army led by Josue to fight against his enemies while the one sent by God climbed on the top of the hill with his rod in his hand.

It is to be imagined that Moses was not going to rest on the hill, no, Moses was going to a spiritual war while Josue fought and while Josue did it he raised his hand and Israel prevailed but when he lowered his hand the enemies prevailed.

In view of this Aaron and Hur climb to the top of the hill where Moises was to help him in that mission because they devised to place a stone and put it under him to sit on it while they held their hands to give it firmness while leaving Sun.

Truly this was a great action of Aaron and Hur, the best determination that can be taken when a man of God is fighting, if today the people of God had men like these, the story was very different but this can help us understand that we must help each other to reach the knowledge of unity.

We need to hold the hands of our spiritual leaders because they are human, and they also get tired. Many Christians today have left the battlefield but really when this happens comes defeat We really must understand that our struggle is not against blood and flesh but against guests of darkness, and we need to go to the hill and raise our hands.

If you have no strength and are tired, ask God for substitutes like Aaron and Hur who can hold our hands in the middle of the battle.

Today we need arms that hold arms, today we need many Hur and Aaron that hold the arms of those who feel weak and tired while God works.