In every moment of every day, we may or may not realize it, you are making a decision on how your time is to be spent, this decision is made through what to pay attention to, and where to direct your energy.

At this very moment, you choose to read this article. There are numerous number of activities you could get involved with but right now, you are made the choice to be here. Maybe in few minutes, someone texts you and you stop reading, when this happens, you are making a simple, value-laden decision: your phone is more valuable to you than this article, then you act based on that valuation.

Our values are regularly emulated in the way we choose to behave.

This fact is critically important— most of us have some things that we think we value, but we never back them up or reflect them with our actions. I can tell you my friends, until I show that I care about climate change or the harm of social media you won’t know, but then if I spend more time driving around port Harcourt Nigeria in a gas-guzzling SUV vehicle, and constantly refreshing my newsfeeds, these behaviors don’t tell the same story.

Our actions reflects our values because unlike us, actions don’t lie. We believe we want that job, but when there is a slack, we feel relaxed that so we can retreat to our video games again.

So, when we are disengaged from our values, our beliefs and ideas get disconnected from our emotions and actions; that is prefer playing video games all day, and yet still believe we value our hard work and ambition. To fix that disconnection, we must become delusional, about ourselves and about the world.