You’ll hear, “This won’t work”, “It’s a scam”, “Get a regular job”, “It’s a Pyramid scheme”, “You need lots of capital”, and a host of other negative reactions when people hear you say, ‘you’ve starting your own business…’ Hardly will they say in all honesty, “Well, Go For It!” There are countless reasons why they may voice their opinions this way. It may truly be that they feel that, THEY WOULD NOT BE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS VENTURE, SO HOW CAN YOU?

Maybe THEY had some bad experiences in the past, and they’re trying to spare you from the same fate. Could be a friendship that they’d like to maintain, and don’t want to be left behind. But if you are serious about moving ahead, and that move can put you in a much better position than where you are now, than I suggest you put on blinders, and insert ear plugs to all the “noise” surrounding you. Your loved ones think they’re protecting you from making a huge mistake, but could stop you in your tracks if you heed their advice.

Now, you’ve made up your mind to start your own business. First and foremost, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! This is a critical decision. Do your homework. Get it straight from the “horse’s mouth”. Don’t worry about what others couldn’t accomplish. Take responsibility for what you need to do. Before you act on advice, check out the pros and cons of that advice, like “what was the source of this advice…”, “could this advice be legitimate coming from this person?”

BELIEVING IN YOURSELF sets everything else in motion. The doubts seem to subside, your energy level increases, and the tasks ahead are for filled with conviction and persistence. And yes, with each accomplished goal, the “noise” decreases.

“I CAN DO THIS’, should be at the top of you ‘Dream List’. Me, I use it also as a ‘battle cry’ whenever I’m feeling any discomfort, or confused about a complicated lesson here. Then, I take a deep breath, take the leap of Faith, and acknowledge,