The Bible of 1 Samuel was written by Samuel,Gad and Nathan, in Israel and was completed in year c. 1078 B.C.E. But total time covered c. 180-178 B.C.E. In the year 1117 B.C.E., there came a momentous change in Israel’s national origination. A human king was appointed! This happened while Samuel was serving as Jehovah’s prophets in Israel. Though Jehovah had foreknown and foretold it, still the change to monarchy, as demanded by the people,came as stunning blow to Samuel.

Devoted as he been to Jehovah’s service from birth, and filled ashes was with reverential recognition of Jehovah’s kingship, Samuel foresaw disastrous results for his fellow members of God’s holy nation. Only to Jehovah’s Direction would Samuel gave to their request and so he prayed Jehovah for direction about the Israelites demanding for a Kings. (1 Sam. 10:25).

Thus there came an end to the era of the judges that would see Israelites to unprecedented power and prestige, only to fall finally into disgrace and divorcement from Jehovah’s favor. Who would qualify to make the divine record of this momentous period. Fittingly,Jehovah chose the faithful Samuel to start writing. Samuel means ” Name of God” and hes was indeed outstanding as an upholder of Jehovah’s name in these days.

it appears that Samuel wrote the first 24 chapters of the book. Then, at his death, Gad, Nathan took up the writing, completion the few years of the record down to Saul’s death. The two of Samuel were originally one roll. or volume . Samuel was divided into two books when this part of the Greek Septuagint was published. In the Septuagints, first Samuel was called First Kingdoms. This division and the name the first kings were adopted by the Latin Vulgate and continue in Catholic Bibles to this day.

That first and second Samuel originally formed one book is shown by the Masoretic note to 1 Samuel 28:24,which states that this verse is in the middle of the book of Samuel. This being the only original account David of David’s activities throughout the scriptures.