The First Bible book of Chronicles was written by Ezra, in in the land of Jerusalem, time of written was in c. 460 B.C.E. But the total time covered before it completion was After 1 Chronicles 9:44: 1077-1037 B.C.E. Is first Chronicles just a dry list of genealogies? is it merely a repetition of the books of Samuel and kings? Far from it! Here is an illustrating and essential part of the divine record- essential in the day of its writing in reorganizing the nation and its worship, and essential and beneficial in showing a pattern of divine worship for later days, including this present day.

First Chronicles contains some of the most beautiful expressions of praise to Jehovah to be found in all scripture. It provides wonderful fore-gleams of Jehovah’s kingdom of righteousness and it is to be studied with profits by all who hope in that kingdom. The two books of Chronicles have been treasured by Jews and Christians alike through ages.

The translator of the Bible called Jerome had such exalted opinion of First and Second Chronicles that he considered them an “epitome of the Old Testament” and asserted that ” they are of such high moment and importance, that he who supposes himself to be acquainted with the sacred writings, and does not know them, only deceives himself.
The two Bible books of Chronicles apparently were originally one book, or roll, which was later divided for convenience.

Why was Chronicles written? Consider the setting. The exile in Babylon had ended about the year 77 before. The Jews were resettled in their land. However, there was a dangerous trends away from Jehovah’s worship at the rebuilt by king of Persia to appoint Judges and teachers of the law of God ( as well as that of the king) and to beautify the house of Jehovah.

Accurate genealogical lists were necessary to assure that only authorized persons should served in the priesthood and also to confirm the tribal inheritances, from which prophecies regarding the kingdom, it was also vital to have a clear dependable record of the lineage of Judah an David.