The Bible book of Joel was written by Joel, in Judah and the year it was completed was on c.820 B.C.E. Wave upon wave, a horde of insects desolates the land. Fire ahead of them and flame behind complete the destination. Everywhere there is famine.

The sun turns into darkness and the moon into blood, for the great and fear- inspiring day of Jehovah is at hand. He gives the command to thrust in the sickle and gather the nations for destruction. However, some ” will get away safe.” ( Joel 2:32) The consideration of these dramatic events makes Joel’s prophecy both intensely interesting and of great benefit to us.

The book is introduced as ” the word of Jehovah that occurred to Joel the son of Pethuel.” The Bible tells us nothing more than this about Joel himself. It is the prophetic message that is emphasized and not its writer. The name ” JOEL” ( Hebrew, Yoh.’el’ )is understand to mean ” Jehovah is God.” Joel’s Firsthand familiarity with Jerusalem, its temple. and he wrote his book in Jerusalem or Judah. ( Joel. 1:1,9,13,14: 2:1, 15,16,32)

When was the book of Joel written? This can not be stated with certainty. Scholars variously assign dates ranging from before 800 B.C.E. TO ABOUT 400 B.C.E. The description of Jehovah’s judgement of the nations in the plain of Jehoshaphat suggest that Joel wrote his prophecy sometime after Jehovah’s great victory on behalf of King Jehoshaphat of Judah, and hence after Jehoshaphat became king in 936 B.C.E. ( Joel 3:2, 12; 2 Chron. 20:22-26)

The prophet Amos may have quoted from the text of Joel. This, then, would mean that Joel’s prophesying sometime between 829 and 804 B.C.E. ( JOEL 3:16; Amos 1:2) An early date may also be indicated by the book’s position in the Hebrew canon between Hosea and Amos. Hence a date may be indicated by the book’s position in the Hebrew canon between Hosea and Amos. Hence a date of approximately 820 B.C.E is suggested for Joel’s prophecy.