The Bible book of Micah was written by Micah, in Judah and was completed before 717 B.C.E. The total time covered before it completion start from c. 777-717 B.C.E. Think of a man of maturity, one who has spent many years in faithful service to Jehovah.

Think of a bold man, one who could tell the rulers of his nation, ” You haters of what is good and lovers of badness.., you the ones who have stripped their very skin from off them.” Think of a humble man, one giving all credit for his powerful utterances to Jehovah, by whose spirit he spoke.

Would you not enjoyed the acquaintance of a man like that? What a wealth of information and sound counsel he could impart! The prophets Micah was such a ma. We still have access to his choice counsel in the book that bears his name. ( Mic. 3:2,3,8)

As it was very true about others prophets, we only know little about them and the same applies to Micah. It was the message that is very important. The name Micah is a shortened from Michael, it means ” Who is Like Jehovah?”. He served as prophets during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah (777-717 B.C.E). That made a contemporary of Prophet Isaiah and Hosea. ( Isa. 1:1; Hos. 1:1)

The exact period of his prophesying is uncertain, but almost it was 60 years. His prophecies of Samaria’s ruin must have been given before the city’s destruction in 740 B.C.E. and his entire writings was completed at the end of Hezekiah reign in 717 B.C.E.( Mic. 1:1).

Micah himself was a rural prophets in the village of Moresheth in the Fertile Shepherd, southwest of Jerusalem . His Familiarity with rural life is shown in the kind of illustrations he used drive to the point of his declarations. ( Mic. 2:12; 4:12 ,13 ; 6:15; 7:1, 4,14) Micah lived in a dangerous and significant times.

Fat Moving events were forebiding doom for the kingdom d of Israel and Judah. Moral corruption and idolatry had gone to seed in Israel, an this brought the nation destruction from Assyria, evidently during Micah own lifetime. Israel decided not to do what is right in the reign Jotham,and Ahaz rebellious reign then in Hezekiah.

Jehovah sent Micah to warn his people strongly in other for them to make a change of heart before their destruction from Assyria.