The Bible book of Amos was written by Amos in Judah and it was completed in the year c. 804 B.C.E. Not a prophet nor the son of a prophet but a raiser of sheep and a nipper of figs of sycamore trees- this was Amos when Jehovah called him and sent him to prophesy not only to his own nation of Judah but particularly to the northern kingdom of Israel. He came from Tekoa in Judah, about ten miles south of Jerusalem and about a day’s journey from the southern border of the ten – tribe kingdom of Israel. ( Amos. 11:1; 7:14:15)

The opening verse of his prophecy states that it was during the days of Uzziah the king of Judah and of Jeroboam II the son of Joash, thinking of Israel, that he began his career as prophet, two years before an earthquake of unusual note. This places the prophecy within the 26 year period from 829 to about 804 B.C.E., during which the reigns of these two these two kings overlapped.

The prophet Zechariah mentions the disastrous earthquake in the days of Uzziah, at which time people fled in fear. ( Zech. 14:5) The Jewish historian Josephus states that an earthquake occurred at the time Uzziah presumptuously attempted to offer up incense in the temple. However, it seems that the earthquake that Amos mentioned occurred earlier in Uzziah’s reign.

The name Amos means “Being of Load” ” Carrying a Load.” While he carried messages burdened with woe to Israel and Judah ( and also to numerous heathen nations). he also bore a message of comfort concerning the restoration of Jehovah’s people. There was very reason for pronouncing a burden of woe in Israel. Prosperity, luxurious living, and licentiousness were the order of the day.

The people had forgotten the Law of Jehovah. Their apparent prosperity blinded them to the fact that like overripe fruit, they were already in the process of decay leading to destruction. Amos prophesied that in just a few short years, the ten tribe kingdom of Israel would go into exile beyond Damascus. In this he magnified the righteousness and sovereignty of Jehovah, whom be refers to 21 times as the ” Sovereign Lord”. The Bible book of Amos is very authentic base on the fulfillment of prophecies.