The Bible book of Haggai was written by Haggai, in Jerusalem, and it writing was completed in the year 520 B.C.E. But the total time covered before it completion was 112 days ( 520 B.C.E.) The prophet Haggai served as ” prophet and a messenger of Jehovah”, but what was his origin? ( Hag. 1:13)

Who was he? Haggai is the tenth of the so-called minor prophets, and he was the first of the three that served after the Jews returned to their homeland in 537 B.C.E, the other two prophets namely; Zechariah and Malachi.. Haggai’s name which appears in Hebrew language is called Chag.gai which means ” Born on a Festival.” This may indicate that Zephaniah was born on a festive day.

The prophets Haggai origin of birth was in Babylon, when the Israelite’s were in slavery in Babylon and after they returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel and High Priest Joshua. Haggai back then was serving side by side with the prophet Zechariah and at Ezra 5:1 and 6:14, the two are shown encouraging the sons of exile to resume temple building, He was a prophet of Jehovah into respects, in that he both exhorted the Jews to fulfill their duties toward Jehovah God through obeying his standard.

Why did Jehovah commission Haggai? In the year 537 B.C.E., Cyprus had issue the degree which permitted the Israelite’s to return back to their homeland to rebuild the temple of Jehovah. But in the year 520 B.C.E still the temple rebuilding was not completed. The Jews forget their very purpose of return is rebuilding the house of Jehovah to established true worship, but rather pursued material things and enemy opposition also prevent them for assisting in the rebuilding of the temple.

As it was indicated in the Bible, no sooner had the foundation of the temple been laid ( in 536) ” than the non-Jews which were the people of the land before the Israelite’s came from exile were weakening the hands of the people of Judah and disheartening them from building , and hiring counselors against them, just to frustrate their counsel.” ( Ezra 4:3,5)

Eventually their enemies succeeded, which is the non. Jews officially placed ban on the work in the year 522 B.C.E, that really happened in the second year of the reign of Persian King Darius Hystaspis ( Babylonians were defeated by the Persian as the world power back then and so the current world power from 537 B.C.E to 520 B.C.E were the Persians ruled by the king mention above.

Haggai began his commission once again in 520 B.C.E to encourage the Jews to resume the building of the temple for Jehovah’s worship. At the same time a letter was sent from the Persian King Darius to revived the decree of Cyprus and supported the Jews against their enemies. Now the building of the temple was set to complete.

The bible book of Haggai’s is very beneficial from old till now in our days that one should never give up on temptation and whatever God said about our life shall come to pass.