The Bible book of Zechariah was written by Zechariah himself, in Jerusalem, and it was completed in the year of 518 B.C.E. But the total time covered before it completion was form 520-518 B.C.E. At a standstill! That was the state of the construction of the temple in Jerusalem when Zechariah began to prophesy. The Israel king Solomon only used 7 1/2 ( seven and half year) years to build the original temple. (1 Kings 6:37,38) But now, the Israel in their homeland after 17 years in Jerusalem still the temple rebuilding was far yet from completion.

The work hard finally stopped altogether following the ban by Artaxerxes( either Bradiya or Gaumata). now, despite the official ban once gain the work is getting under way. Jehovah was using Haggai and Zechariah to encourage the Israelite’s to renew the construction and to stay until completed. ( Ezra 4:23, 24 , 5:1,2) The assignment before them look mountainous. ( Zech. 4:6,7)

They were few, their opposers were many, and even though they are prince of Davidic line, they were still under foreign influence. This is the time the Israelite’s require strong faith for the task ahead of them and so Jehovah provided Zechariah as a vessel of encouragement to draw their attention to God’s present purpose of the temple completion and the grander future purposes, thus strengthening them for the work should be done.(Zech.8:9,13)

This is the time to listened to Jehovah and obey his commandment not like their unappreciative forefathers. ( Zech. 1:5,6.) Who was really Zechariah? The are about 30 different persons mentioned in the Bible with the name Zechariah. However,the writer of this book bears the name Zechariah the son Berechaih, was the son of Iddo the prophets.” ( Zech. 1:3; Rzra 5:1; Neh. 12:12,16)

The name Zechariah in Hebrew is called Zek har.yah’ means that Jehovah has remembered. The book of Zechariah makes it very clear that ” Jehovah of armies” remembers His people, to deal well with them for His own name’s sake. (Zech 1:3)

The date mentioned in the book gives us the coverage of at least two years. it was in the ” eighth month in the second year of Darius the King of Persian” ( October/November 520 B.C.E.) That the temple building began once again ( Zech. 1:1) The book of Zechariah also make a reference to ” the fourth day of the ninth month, that is Chislev,in the fourth year of Darius ( about December 1,518 B.C.E) .( 7:1) Zechariah’s prophesy was really spoken during the years 520-518 B.C.E. ( Ezra 45:24).