The Bible book of Jeremiah was written by the Prophet Jeremiah, in Judah and Egypt, and writing was completed in 580 B.C.E . But the total time covered was 647- 580 B.C.E. The prophet Jeremiah lived during dangerous and turbulent times. He was commissioned by Jehovah in the year 647 B.C.E., the 13th year of the reign of God- fearing King Josiah of Judah.

During repairs on the house of Jehovah, the book of the law Jehovah was found and was read to the king. He worked hard at enforcing this, but he could at most only temporarily turn back falling away to Idolatry.
Josiah’s grandfather Mannesseh who had reigned for 55 years, and his father Amon, who had been assassinated after a reign of 2 years, had both done wickedly. They had encouraged the people in impure orgies, and gruesome rites, so that they had become accustomed to offering incense to the ” queen of heavens” and human sacrifices to demon gods.

Mannesseh had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood. ( Jer. 1:2; 44:19; 2 Ki. 21:6,16,19-23; 23:26,7) Jeremiah’s task was not easy one, because he had to serve as Jehovah’s prophets in fore telling the desolation of Judah and Jerusalem, the burning of the magnificent temple of Jehovah, and the captivity of his people – catastrophes almost unbelievable! His prophesying in Jerusalem had to continue 40 years, through the reigns of bad Kings Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim,Jehoiachin (Coniah), and Zedekiah. ( Jeremiah 1:2, 3) Later, in Egypt, he had to prophesy concerning the idolatrous of the Jewish refugees there. His book was completed in 580 B.C.E. The time covered by Jeremiah is thus an eventful period of 69 years. (52:31).

In Hebrews the name of the prophets and of his book is Yir.meyah’ or Yir.meya’ hu, meaning , possibly. ” Jehovah Exalts; or Jehovah Loosens ( likely from the womb).” The book occurs in all the catalogs of the Hebrew Scriptures and it canonical is generally accepted . The dramatic Fulfillment of number of the prophecies during Jeremiah’s own lifetime attests fully to its authenticity. Jesus the Messiah also studies the book of Jeremiah and apply it in his earthly Ministry.