The Bible book of Habakkuk was written by Habakkuk, in Judah and was complete in the year c. 628 B.C.E. Habakkuk is another of the so-called minor prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures. However his vision and pronouncement inspired by God are by no means minor in significance to God’s people’ Encouraging as well as strengthening, his prophecy sustains God’s servants in time of stress. .

The book highlights two sublime truths: Jehovah’s God is the Universal Sovereign and the righteous live by faith. The writing serves also to those who hypocritically profess to be his people. It sets a pattern for strong faith in Jehovah, who worthy of all songs of praise.

The book of Habakkuk opens: “The pronouncement that Habakkuk the prophets visioned.” ( Hab.1:1) Who was this prophets Habakkuk. In Hebrews his name is called Cha.vq.quq’ which means ” Ardent Embrace.”? No Information is been provided by Habakkuk parentage tribe, circumstance in life, death. Whether he was a Levitical temple musician can not be stated definitely, although this has been inferred from the subscription at the en of the book. ” To the director of my stringed instruments.”.

When did Habakkuk make his prophetic pronouncement? The above – mentioned subscription and the words ” Jehovah is in his holy temple: indicate that the temple in Jerusalem was still standing. ( Habak. 2:20) This, together with the message of the prophecy, suggests that it was spoken not long before he reign of God – fearing King Josiah, 659-629 B.C.E.

The prophecy itself provided the clue in foretelling an activity that the people in Judah will not believe even if it is related. What is this? It is the raising up of the Chaldeans ( Babylonians) by God to punished faithless Judah. ( 1:5,6)

This would fits the early part of the reign of idolatrous King Jehoiakim, a time when disbelief and injustice were rampant in Judah . Jehoiakim had been put on the throne by Pharaoh Necho, and the nation of Israel were under the influence of the Babylonians.

All happen because of the Israelites disobedience with God standard. The Bible book Habakkuk is authentic book which forms part of the bible canonicity.