The Bible Book of of Malachi was written by Malachi, in Jerusalem and it writing was completed after 443 B.C.E. Who really is called Malachi? There is not a single fact recorded regarding his ancestry or personal history. However, From the tenor of his prophecy, it is quite evident that he was most zealous in his devotion to Jehovah God, upholding His name and pure worship, and that he felt strong indignation toward those who profess to serve God but who only serve themselves.

The name of Jehovah is mentioned 48 times in the four chapters of his prophecy. His name in Hebrew is called Mal.’a.khi’, which possibly means ” My Messenger.” In the Hebrew Scriptures, the Septuagint, and the Chronological order of the Bible books place Malachi last among the 12 so-called minor prophets. According to the tradition of the Great Synagogue he lived after the prophets Haggai and Zechariah and was contemporary of Nehemiah.

When was the prophesy of Malachi written? It was during the administration of a governor, which places it in the time of the restoration of Jerusalem followings the 70 years’ desolation of Judah. ( Mal. 1:8) But who was that governor? Since the temple service was mentioned but without reference to the building of the temple, it must have been after the time of Governor Zerubbabel, during whose tenure of office the temple was completed.

These is only one others governor of this period mentioned in the Scriptures, and he i s Nehemiah. Does the prophecy fits Nehemiah time? Nothing was stated in Malachi about the rebuilding of the Jerusalem and its walls in the book of Malachi, which eliminate the early part of Nehemiah’s governorship.

However, in this book we have learnt a lot about how the priesthood present back then, abuses Malachi by tying him in with situation that existed at Nehemiah’s came a second time, to Jerusalem, following his recall to Babylon by Artaxerxesin 443 B.C.E., The 32nd second year of king;s reign. ( Mal. 2:1; Neh. 13:6)

Malachi prophesy applies to this particular time. ( Ma. 2:4-8, 11,12; -Neh.13:11,15, 23-26; Mal. 3:8-10; Neh. 13:10-12.) Malachi Prophesy shows that the religious zeal and enthusiasm aroused by prophets Haggai and Zechariah at the time of rebuilding of the temple had passed away. Now at Malachi time Priest had become careless, proud , and self-righteous. Temple services had become a mockery, for example; paying of Tithes and offering had lapsed because of a feeling that God was not interested in Israel anymore.

The hope centered in Zerubbabel had not been realized and contrary to some expectation of the Messiah( Jesus Christ) had not come.
The Jews spiritual states or growth was very low weak. Therefore Israelite’s at that time need hope and encouragement to stand up again and Malachi provided that in his message in Malachi for them.