The Bible book of Jonah was written by Jonah one of the minor prophets, in the year c. 844 B.C.E. Jonah – foreign missionary of the ninth century B.C.E.! How did Jonah he viewed his assignment from Jehovah God? What new experienced did this open up for him to served humanity? Did he really find the people in his assignment receptive? How success was his ministry?

The dramatic record of Jonah answer the questions above. The Bible book of Jonah was written at a time when Jehovah’s chosen nation had broken covenant with him and fallen into pagan idolatry, the prophetic record shows that God’s mercy is not limited to any one nation, not even to Israel. Moreover, it exalts Jehovah’s great mercy and loving- kindness, in constant with the lack of mercy, patience , and faith so often observed in imperfect man.

The name Jonah in Hebrews is called Yo.nah’ and it means : Dove.” He was the son of the prophet Amittai of Gath-hepher in Galilee in the territory of Zebulun. At 2 Kings 14: 23-25, we read that Jeroboam the King of Israel extended the boundary of the nation according to the word that Jehovah spoke through Jonah. This would place the time of Jonah’s prophesying at about 844 B.C.E., the year of the accession of Jeroboam II of Israel and many years before Assyria, with it capital at Nineveh, began to dominate Israel. The bible book is very authentic.

Yes Jesus Christ the ” Perfecter of our faith” referred Jonah as an actual person and gave the inspired interpretation of two of the prophetic happenings in Jonah. ( Heb. 12:2; Matt. 12:39-41;Luke 11: 29:32).
What about the ” Big fish” that swallowed Jonah? There has been considerable speculation as to what kind of fish this may have been.

The sperm whale is fully capable of swallowing a man whole. So is the great white shark. The Bible , though, simply Jehovah appointed a great fish to swallow Jonah.” ( Jonah 1:17) The kind of fish is not specified. it can not be determined with certainty whether it was a sperm, a great white shark or some other unidentified sea creature. The Bible recorded that it was a ” great fish” is sufficient.