The Bible book of Daniel was written by Daniel, in Babylon,and was finally completed c. 536 B.C.E. But time taken before completion is 618 – c. 536 B.C.E. In this day when all nations of earth stand on the brick of disaster, the book of Daniel brings to attention prophetic messages of momentous import.

Whereas the Bible books of Samuel, Kings,and Chronicles are based on eyewitness records of the history of God’s typical kingdom ( Davidic dynasty), Daniel focuses on the nations of the world and gives fore visions of the nations of the power struggle of the great dynasties from Daniel’s time down till ” the of the end”.

This is world history written in advance. it leads up to an absorbing climax in showing what comes to pass ” in the final part of the days.” Like Nebuchadnezzar, the nations have to learn the hard way ” that the most high is Ruler in the Kingdom of mankind,” the Messiah and Leader, Christ Jesus. ( Dan. 12 :4; 10:14; 4:25; 7:13,14 ; 9:25; John 3:13-16).

By paying close attention to the prophetic fulfillment of the inspired book of Daniel, we will appreciate more fully Jehovah’s power of prophecy and his assurances of protection and blessings for his people.( 2 Pet. 1:19).
The book is named after its writer. ” Daniel” in Hebrew is called ”’l ” which means ” My Judge is God.”

Ezekiel, who lived at the same time, confirms that Daniel was an actual person, naming him along with Noah and Job. ( Ezekiel 14:14,20; 28:3). Daniel’s dates the beginning of of his book as the third year of the kingship of Jehoiakim’s the king of Judah. This was 618 B.C.E. ( Dan. 1:1; 2:1; 10:1,4)

What eventful years was covered by Daniel’s life span! His early days were spent under God’s kingdom in Judah. Then, a teenage prince, along with his noble Jedean companions, he was taken taken to Babylon to live through the rise and fall of that third world power of the Bible History.

Daniel survived to serve as government office official in the fourth world power, Medo- Persia. Daniel must have lived nearly one (1) hundred years. The book of Daniel has always been included in the Jewish catalog of inspired Scriptures. Fragments of Daniel have been found among those of the other canonical books in the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of which the date from the first and half of the first century. This book was originally write by Daniel.