The bible of Hosea was written was by the Hosea, in Samaria (District) and was finally completed in the year after 745 B.C.E. But the total time covered starts from Before 804- after 745 B.C.E. The last 12 books of the Hebrew Scriptures are commonly referred to as ” the minor prophets,” would seem to be more appropriate, for these books are certainly not minor in importance , although their combined length is still less than that of Isaiah or Jeremiah.

In the Hebrew Bible, they were considered as one volume and called ” The Twelve.” Their collection together in this manner was probably for the purpose of preservation, since a single small roll might have been easily lost. As with each of these 12 books, the first one is named after its writer, Hosea, whose name is a shortened form of Hoshaiah, meaning ” Saved by Jah; Has Saved.”

In the book bearing his name, little is revealed concerning Hosea except that he was the son of Beeri. His prophecies concern Israel almost exclusively, Judah being mentioned by Hosea, Israel’s dominant tribe, Ephraim, is spoken of by name 37 times and Israel’s capital, Samaria, 6 times. The first verse of the book tells us that Hosea served as Jehovah’s prophet for an unusually long King Jeroboam II on into the reign of Israel’s King Jeroboam II on into the reign of Hezekiah of Judah.

That is from no later than 804 B.C.E. Until after 745 B.C.E., no less than 59 years. His time of prophetic service no doubt spread over some years into this time Amos, Isaiah, Micah, and Oded were other faithful prophets of Jehovah. (Amos 1:1; Isa. 1:1; Mic. 1:1; 2 Chron. 28: 9).

Why did Jehovah send Hosea as his prophet to Israel? It was because of Israel’s unfaithfulness and contamination with Baal worship, in violation of Jehovah’s covenant. In the Promised Land, Israel had become agricultural people,but in doing so they adopted not only the Canaanites’ way of life but also their religion with its worship of Baal, a good symbolic of the reproductive forces of nature.

In Hosea’s day Israel had turned completely from worship of Jehovah to a riotous, drunken ceremonial that included immoral relation with temple prostitutes. Israel attributed prosperity to Baal their new found gods, instead of Jehovah their true God who saved them from the land of Egypt and through the Wilderness.

Israel was disloyal to Jehovah, unworthy of him and therefore had to be disciplined. Jehovah was going to show her that her material possessions were not from Baal, and so he sent Hosea to warn Israel what failure to repent would mean. After Jeroboam II died, Israel faced her most terrible period.

A reign of terror, with a number of Ruler being assassinated, continued down until the Assyria captivity in 740 B.C.E. During this time, two factions fought each other, one wanting to form an alliance with Egypt, and the other, with Assyria. Neither the group trusted in Jehovah.