The Bible Book of Genesis was written by Mose, in the Wilderness and was completed in 1513 B.C.E. Time covered in the beginning to 1657 B.C.E. Imagine picking up a book of only 50 short chapters and finding in the first page or two the only accurate account of the first history of man , his creator,as well as to the earth with its myriads of creatures! In those few pages, you gain,too,a deep insight into God’s purpose in putting man on earth.

Reading a little further, you discover why man dies and the reason for this present troubled condition, and you are enlightened regarding identifying God’s Instrument for deliverance- the “seed of promise”. The remarkable book that contains all these things is Genesis, the first of the 66 books of the Birth.

“Genesis ” means “Origin; Birth,” the name being taken from the Greek Septuagint translation of the book. In the Hebrew manuscript, the title is (Greek, en arkhei). Genesis is the First book of the Pentateuch(an Anglicized Greek word meaning “five rolls” or “five-fold volume). Evidently this was originally one book called the Torah (Law) or “the book law of Moses” but was later divided into the rolls for easier handling. -(Josh. 23:6; Ezra 6:18)
Jehovah God is the Author of the Bible, but he inspired Moses to write the book of Genesis. From where did Moses get the information he recorded in Genesis? Some could have been received direction by holy spirit, through oral transmission.

It is also possible that Moses possessed written documents preserved by his forefathers as precious, valuable records of the origin of mankind.
It was possible in the wilderness of Sinai in 1513 B.C.E . That Moses under inspiration, completed his writing . ( Timothy 3:16; JOHN 5:39,46,47). Where did Moses obtain the information for last part of Genesis ? Since his great-grandfathers Levi’s was half brother of Joseph, these details would be accurately known within his own family. Moses father, Amram. Further, Jehovah’s would again assure the correct recording of thirds portion of the scriptures. (EX. 6:16,18,20; Num. 26:59).

Some skeptics have asked, but how were Moses and his predecessors able to write? was not writing a later human development? Writing evidently had its start early in human history, perhaps before the Deluge of Noah’s day which happened in 2370 B.C.E. Is there any evidence of man’s ability to write? While it is true that archaeologists have assigned dates earlier than 2370 B.C.E. to certain clay tablets that they have excavated, such date are merely conjectural.

However we should remember that the Bible have clearly shows that the building of cities, the development of musical instruments, and the forging of mental tools had their start long before the Great Flood( Deluge).
Reasonably, then, men would have had little difficult in developing a method of writing.

It is only Genesis that gives the accurate account of the Great Flood and survival of humans ( in most human being preserved in a vessel). The Genesis also speaks of various beginning of different branches of mankind, stemming from the tree sons of Noah – Shem, Ham, and Japheth.