The writer of the Bible book of Leviticus was written by Moses, in the Wilderness and was completed in the year 1512 B.C.E and the total time covered was 1 month (1512 B.C.E ). The most common name for the third book of the Bible is Leu.i.ti.kon’ of the Greek Septuagint by way of the Latin Vulgate’s “Leviticus”.

This name is fitting, even though the Levites are given only passing mention (at 25:32,33) for the book consists chiefly of the regulations of the Levitical priesthood, which was chosen from the tribe Levi, and the laws that the taught the people: ” For the lip of a priest are the ones that should keep knowledge, and the law is what people should seek from mouth.”( MAl. 2:7) In the Hebrew text, the book is named from its opening expression, Wai.yiq.ra’,literally , “And he proceeded to call Law of the Priests and Law of Offerings. -Lev. 1:1.

There is no question but that Moses wrote Leviticus. The conclusion, or Colophon, states: ” Theses are the commandments that Jehovah gave Moses”. (27:34). In Jesus Christ earthly ministry he normally quote Moses writing in Leviticus.

What time period does Leviticus cover? The book of Exodus concludes with the setting up of the tabernacle ” in the first day of the month, in the second year,on the first day of the month. ” The book of Numbers ( immediately following the Leviticus account) opens with Jehovah’s speaking to Moses ” on the first day of the second month in the second year of their coming out more than a lunar month could have elapsed for the few events of Levitcus, most of the book consisting of laws and regulation.( Ex. 40:17; Num. 1:1; Lev. 8:1-10:17; 24:10-23)

When did Moses write Leviticus? Yes it really reasonable to conclude that he kept a record of events as they took place and wrote down God’s instructions as he received them. This is implied by God’s command to Moses to write down the doom of the Amalekites right after Israel had defeated them in battle. Many Instructions given to the Israelite’s for in the Bible Book of Leviticus was given to guide them in their journey in the Wilderness.

Why was Leviticus written? Jehovah had purposed to have a holy nation, a sanctified people, set apart for his service. From the time of Abel, faithful men of God had been offering sacrifice to Jehovah but first with the nation of Israel, Jehovah give them explicit instruction governing sin offering and other sacrifices.

Leviticus bears the stamp of divine inspiration throughout. Mere humans could not have devised its wise and just laws and regulations. Its statues regarding diet, disease, quarantine, and treatment of dead bodies reveal a knowledge of facts not appreciated by worldly men of medicine until thousands of years later. God’s laws really protects the Israelite against infections and diseases and this really set them apart as a holy nation and to inhabit the promised land.