The Bible Book of Deuteronomy was written by Moses, in the Plains of Moab, and was completed 1473 B.C.E. The total time covered was 2 months.(1473 B.C.E). The bible book of Deuteronomy contains dynamic information for Jehovah’s people today. After wandering in the Wilderness for 40 years,the sons of Israel now stood on the threshold of the Land of Promise. What waits them? What was the problems that the Israelite’s would face when they cross the Jordan River? What would Moses finally have to say to the nation? It is very important to get answers to this life big questions today.

The answers can be located in the fifth book written by Moses to the Israelite’s called Deuteronomy. Why so? It emphasis to the divine message, being provided at a time in the history of Jehovah’s people when they really needed dynamic leadership and positive direction. They were about to enter the promised Land under a new leader. They needed encouragement to go forward , and at the needed divine warning to enable them to take the right course leading to Jehovah’s blessing.

In accord with the need, Moses was moved mightily by Jehovah’s Spirit to make a forth- right appeal to Israel to be obedient and faithful. Through the entire book, he emphasizes that Jehovah’s is the Most High God, who exact exclusive devotion and who desires his people to ” love him with all hearts and all their soul and their life( their vital force). He is ” the God of gods and the Lord of Lords, the great God , mighty and fear inspiring, who treats none with partiality nor accepts a bribe.” He tolerates no rivalry.

To obey him means life. to disobey, death. Jehovah’s instruction, as given in Deuteronomy, was just the preparation and counsel that Israel for the momentous tasks that lay ahead of them. That is the kind of admonition we need today so that we may keep walking in the fear of Jehovah, sanctifying his name in the midst of a corrupt world.

The name Deuteronomy comes from the title in the Greek Septuagint translation,’ mion, Which combines deu’te.ros meaning ” second,” with no’ mos, meaning Law.” It therefore comes from the Greek rendering of the Law.” It therefore means “Second Law; Repetition of the Law.” This comes from the Greek rendering of the Hebrew phrase in Deuteronomy 17:18, mish.neh’ hat.toh-rah’, correctly rendered ‘ copy of the Law.’

Despite the meaning of the name Deuteronomy, however this bible book is not a second law or a mere repetition of the law, exhorting Israel to love and obey JEHOVAH IN THE Promised Land that they would soon be entering. Moses the writer name which proves ownership appears 40 times in the bible book of Deuteronomy.