The Bible book of Job was written by Moses, in the Wilderness, and was completed in c. 1473 B.C.E. But the total covered before it completion is overs 140 years between 1657 and 1473 B.C.E. One of the oldest books of the inspired Scriptures! The book of Job is held in the highest esteem and that is often quoted, yet one that is little understand by mankind. Why was the the book of Job written and what is the value for us today?

The answer is indicated in the meaning of Job’s name: “Objects of Hostility.” Yes, this bible book takes up two vital questions: Why do the Innocent Suffer? Why does God allow us to suffer on earth? With Job’s life example, we have learnt about Job suffering and how he endured. This is a consideration in answering the above questions. It has been written down just as Job Requested.

Job has become synonymous with patience and endurance. But was there such a person as Job? In spite of all the efforts of the Devil to remove this sterling example of integrity from the pages of history, the reply is clear. Job was a human being with like with flesh and blood! Jehovah names him along with his Witnesses Noah and Daniel, whose existence was accepted by Jesus Christ. ( Ezek. 14:14,20; compare Matthew 24:15,37) The ancient Hebrew nation regarded Job as a real person.

The Christian Greek writer, Christ slave point to Job example of endurance. ( Jas. 5:11). Where do Job lived? He lived in Uz, located, according to some geographers, in northern Arabia near the land occupied by the Edomites and east of the promised land to Abraham’s offspring.

The Sabeans were on the south, the Chaldeans on the east.(1:1,3,15,17) The time of Job trials was long after Abraham’s day . It was at time when there was ” no one like (Job) in the earth, a man blameless and upright.” (1:8) This appears to be the period between the death of Joseph. (1657 B.C.E), a man of outstanding faith, an the time that Moses entered upon his course of integrity.

Job excelled in pure worship at the period of Israel’s contamination by the demon worship of Egypt. Furthermore, the practices mentioned in the first chapter of Job, and God’s acceptance of Job as a true worshiper, point to patriarchal times rather than the later period from 1513 B.C.E., On when God dealt with Israelite’s exclusively under the law.