The Bible Book of Jude was by Jude, in Palestine, and was completed in the year c.65 C.E. The Christian brothers of Jude wherein danger! During the time that had elapsed since the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, foreign elements had wormed their way into the Christian Congregation. The enemy had infiltrated for the purpose of undermining the faith, just as the apostle Paul, about 14 years previously, had warned. (2 Thess. 2:3) How should the brothers be alerted and placed on guard against the danger?

The Letter of Jude, vigorous and robust in it’s forthright statement, provided the answer, provided the answer. Jude himself stated his position clearly in verses 3 and 4: ‘ I found it necessary to write you because certain men have slipped in, ungodly men, turning the undeserved kindness of our God into an excuse for loose conducts.’ The every foundations of sound doctrine and morality were being threatened. Jude felt called upon to fight for the interest s of his brothers, that they , in turn, might put up a hard fight for the faith.

But who was Jude?”He was a slave of Jesus, but a brother of James, to the called ones.” Was Jude or Judas, an apostle, since 2 of Jesus’ original 12 apostles were named Judas? (Luke 6:16) Jude does not speak of himself as an apostle, but instead he speak. “they,” manifestly excluding himself. (Jude 17,18) Moreover, he calls himself “a brother of James,” evidently meaning the writer of the letter James, who was a half brother of Jesus.(Vs. 1)

As one of the “pillars” of the congregation in Jerusalem, this James was well written, makes Jude also a half brother of Jesus and he is listed as such (Gal. 1:19; 2:9; Matt. 13:35; Mark 6:3) However, Jude did not make capital of his freshly relationship with Jesus, but he humbly placed the emphasis on his spiritual relationship as “a slave of Jesus Christ. Jude did not write his letter to a particular congregation or group but to all Christians.